Samuel Kids Charity

No child deserves to live alone on the street.

Thousands of orphaned children

In Uganda, thousands of orphaned children live on the streets, without resources and without anyone taking care of them.

We fight so that no child dies of hunger lying on the street, in front of the eyes of the world.

We want to offer them the love, food and education every child deserves.

35 children have been taken in so far

We need your help

to support these kids and be able to rescue more babies from the street .

Objetivo: 0 niños desatendidos.

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We believe that education is the solution to end the poverty that causes these children to become orphans and abandoned

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SAMUEL, Founder and director of Samuel Kids Charity

Samuel is the founder of Samuel Kids Charity, an organization that strives to save the children of Uganda from lonely and unjust deaths.

He knows very well what it is to be without a father and mother and to be an orphaned child in Uganda.

He has taken these children off the streets and is caring for them, providing food, clothing, shelter and education with the support of donations.

OIHANE, Cofundadora de Samuel Kids Charity

Oihane is the co-founder of the Samuel Kids Charity. Becoming the mother of a girl and feeling the vulnerability of children was what prompted her to start helping as many orphaned children as possible.

She lives in Spain (Europe) and from there she helps Samuel to manage and improve the capacities of Samuel Kids Charity.

Oihane doesn’t get a single penny for her work and everything she does completely voluntarily just like Samuel.

His mission is clear. Improve the lives of children who unfortunately lack a mother and father to protect and feed them.



Support us and change the course of a child’s life today